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Animal Vaccinations & Veterinary Surgery in Somerset, Massachusetts

When your cat or dog's health is a concern, Somerset Animal Hospital in Somerset, Massachusetts, is here to help. We perform routine veterinary examinations, animal vaccinations, and general surgery.

Routine Examinations
Our routine examinations for your cat or dog include an overall health check on the ears, eyes, heart, and lungs. We also check for skin conditions.

Routine examinations are done to ensure your pet is in good health and to ensure that if there are any problems we can find and treat them early. They are also required before any vaccinations, and we recommend that they be performed annually.

Animal Vaccinations & Veterinary Surgery in Somerset, Massachusetts

We offer full annual vaccinations for cats and dogs. For dogs, we offer the rabies vaccine, Lyme vaccines, and distemper which includes distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, bordetella, as well as parvovirus.

For cats we offer rabies, leukemia, feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, as well as panleukopenia. Regular vaccinations are important because they ensure that your pets are protected from common diseases, which are hard to treat and sometimes even deadly.

General Veterinary Surgery
When surgery is need, we perform spay and neuter surgeries, feline de-claw surgeries, canine dewclaw removal, as well as routine pet dentistry that includes extractions. We also lance and drain abscesses, perform certain eye surgeries, take care of laceration repairs, and also do exploratory surgeries.

Dog Grooming in Somerset, Massachusetts

Dog Grooming
Grooming is available on Tuesdays. We offer the following grooming services to help keep your pet looking its best:

• Bathe and Brush
• Nail Trimming
• All Breed Clips
• Ear Cleaning
• Gland Expression
• Sedation Grooming Available

Hospital Policies
1. Walk-in clients are welcome. However, appointments are preferred to avoid longer wait times.
2. Patients with emergency circumstances may be referred to either of the following local 24-hour emergency centers:

     Mass-Rhode Island Veterinary ER
    477 Milford Road, Swansea, MA 02777
    (508) 730-1112



Bay State Veterinary Emergency Services
76 Baptist Street, Swansea, MA02777
(508) 379-1233

3.  In order to focus on your pet's needs, customer service, and keeping cost to a minimum, we do not bill. Payment is expected when services are rendered.
4. For first-time clients only, we are unable to accept a personal check. For all subsequent visits, we gladly accept cash, personal checks, Visa®, Discover® and MasterCard®.
5. Please allow our staff to restrain your pet while in the exam room.
6. For your protection and others, please keep dogs on a leash and properly controlled while in the waiting area and in exam rooms.
7. Please keep all cats in appropriate pet carriers or on a harness and a leash.

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First time Clients will Recieve 20% off of Wellness Examinations!

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